Nestled on the east coast of Scotland, the quaint yet vibrant town of St Andrews is world renowned by golf enthusiasts and prestigious university students but also for its wide array of accommodation options that cater to every visitor's needs. From luxurious hotels to cosy bed and breakfasts, St Andrews offers a unique blend of historical charm and modern comfort, making it an ideal destination for golf enthusiasts and tourists alike, a real treasure trove of history, culture, and natural beauty, making it a captivating destination for travellers of all interests.

COP26 draws the eyes of the world on Scotland as world leaders unite to tackle decisions on climate change.  The global pandemic may have put countries across the globe into lockdown but climate change has been relentless and continues to threaten life on earth as we know it.  The aim is to lower carbon emissions by using cleaner energy such as solar, wind and of course electricity.

Are you looking for the best way to travel from Edinburgh Airport to St Andrews? 

Whatever the reason you’re looking to travel to our beautiful little town, one thing that everyone has in common when considering the trip is: how are they going to reach their end destination? 

Arriving at Edinburgh Airport after a potentially long flight, with all your bags and the stress of having to work out how to get to where you’re going doesn’t sound like the most fun option for some people. 

First time booking an airport transfer from Edinburgh to St Andrews?

Airport transfers are a convenient, and often cost-effective option that’s especially popular with students - and anyone else who wants to travel without the stress of making their own way to the bonny wee town of St Andrews after touching down in Edinburgh.

If you’re thinking about booking a shuttle or shared transfer service to St Andrews from Edinburgh Airport, we’ve provided some key tips to ensure your journey is a good ‘un! 

Taxi rides fetch a higher price, but they are worth it if you value your privacy and comfort. Moreover, taxi rides are dependent on your preference; you can leave anytime you want from any location. 

If these appeal to you, book a Private Taxi with St Andrews Shuttle. 

We are connected with several taxi drivers from the area. They are seasoned, local drivers who know the city like the back of their hands; they can get you past heavy traffic or rainy weather with zero issues.

Golf is one of the biggest attractions of St Andrews. Here’s where you’ll find Old Course, the oldest golf course in the world. Aptly named “The Home of Golf,” Old Course and the town of St Andrews attract thousands of visitors each year. Many of them are avid golfers who take advantage of our reliable golf transfers to and from Edinburgh.

Golfers around the world dream of playing in Old Course’s 18 greens. If you are one of them, we can help you make the experience one for the books.

Set the tone for your vacation or school year right from the moment you step out of Edinburgh Airport. 

No doubt you’ll find many options for airport transfer services from Edinburgh to St Andrews, like riding a train to Leuchars then catching a bus for the second leg of the journey. Although Scotland has a well-developed public transport system, we’re offering you a much simpler way of getting to St Andrews — safely, quickly and comfortably.