The dates and times below are from £30.00 per person*

Book now using the booking form

Outside of these dates and times, we can offer Private Transfers and Shared Transfers (where possible)

Transfers start from £120.00 refer to the Price List (recommended Taxi meter rate - £156.00)

* additional cost may apply for excess, or non-standard luggage

Our next shared Shuttle service will be Mid October for the University Reading Week.



Monday 4th December 2023

Tuesday 5th December 2023

Wednesday 6th December 2023

Thursday 7th December 2023

Friday 8th December 2023

Saturday 9th December 2023

Sunday 10th December 2023

Monday 11th December 2023

Tuesday 12th December 2023

Wednesday 13th December 2023

Thursday 14th December 2023

Friday 15th December 2023

Saturday 16th December 2023

Sunday 17th December 2023

Monday 18th December 2023

Tuesday 19th December 2023

Wednesday 20th December 2023

Thursday 21st December 2023

Start of Candlemas Semester

Sunday 7th January 2024

Monday 8th January 2024

Tuesday 9th January 2024

Wednesday 10th January 2024

Thursday 11th January 2024

Friday 12th January 2024

Saturday 13th January 2024

Sunday 14th January 2024

Monday 15th January 2024

Tuesday 16th January 2024

February Vacation Week

Wednesday 21st February 2024

Thursday 22nd February 2024

Friday 23rd February 2024

Saturday 24th February 2024

Sunday 25th February 2024

Monday 26th February 2024

Tuesday 27th February 2024

Thursday 29th February 2024

Friday 1st March 2024

Saturday 2nd March 2024

Sunday 3rd March 2024

Monday 4th March 2024