Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How long is the journey to Edinburgh Airport?

It’s 55 miles (88km), and takes approximately 1hr 15mins, dependant on the time of travel, the traffic conditions and weather.

I haven't received my email confirmation?

Please check your SPAM/JUNK/TRASH folder.

Why do you need my mobile number?

This is so we can contact you in relation to your travel arrangements with us. Only the office and the driver completing your pickup will have access to this information, we will NOT pass your details to anyone else for any reason.

Can I have your contact number?

Of course, but it is better to use the contact us page as we will always get your message, but here's our number: 07902 488 770. Feel free to add us to your contacts and pass it to others who could use the St Andrews Shuttle.

How many people normally travel on the shared St Andrews shuttle service?

It depends on the size of the vehicle, but anything between one and eight - and more if we are using a single deck coach.

Does St Andrews Shuttle only offer a service to and from Edinburgh Airport?

We offer a lot more than just transfers to and from Edinburgh Airport. We can offer transport to ANY UK airport, town or city, prices on request.

Is it customary to tip the driver? It is that included in the fare?

Tips are optional and not included in the fare. A guideline would be 10% if you decided to tip a St Andrews Shuttle driver.

The Services We Offer

What is the £30 per person Shuttle service?

The £30 per person Shuttles depart at fixed times, like a bus or train service as per the timetable page, but with the convenience of a taxi for the door to door drop off/pickup.

What is a Private Taxi?

A taxi where you will not be sharing with anyone other than the people you have booked for. Select PRIVATE TRANSFER on the booking form to be assured you will not share with anyone else.

What is a Shared Transfer?

A shared transfer is where we have others looking to travel with us and are willing/hoping to share the ride with others to help reduce the cost.

You may request a shared transfer through our website to register your interest in travelling with us, we respond to your request by email with our best offer based on what bookings we already have at the time of replying. We ask you to respond to our email by letting us know if you wish to confirm the offer, if you want to share only or decline as you have made other arrangements.

By confirming the booking you are also open to sharing it with others where we have other interested customers, but we don't always have other to share, you may request the booking to become private where no other passengers will be added to the booking by us.

If you advise us you wish to share only, there is no confirmed booking with us, and we will contact you by email if we have any others looking to travel about the same time as you. You also have the option of confirming the booking closer to the date of travel.

Airport Pickups

Where do I meet the Shuttle for my transfer to St Andrews once I've arrived at the airport?

For Private Taxis, you will be met in the Arrivals Hall assigned to your flight.

For Shared Shuttles, we will state the meeting point in the confirmation email you will be sent, Click here for map

Why do you need our flight numbers and flight times?

We ask for your flight number and Flight Departure/Arrival time so we can ensure you get to the airport in plenty of time before your departure and to let us know when you have arrived at the airport when you are travelling to St Andrews.

After being picked up from the airport, where will I be dropped off in St Andrews?

We will drop you off at your accommodation, your halls of residence, or home address as agreed at the time of the booking.

Instant confirmation bookings for £30 per person Shuttles - pick up and drop off locations are for St Andrews town centre ONLY - we reserve the right to amend the price if you have booked and confirmed a location that is NOT St Andrews town centre. We will contact you by email as soon as we have noticed the out of town address to advise of the correct pricing. 

What would happen if my flight is late and we might miss the shuttle back to St Andrews?

Shared Shuttles - If your flight is late, or expected to be late, contact us, and we will do our best to arrange for you to travel on the next available shuttle run. However there maybe be occasions where there is no Shuttle and a private taxi would be offered, prices starting from £120.00

Private Taxi - the driver will be monitoring your flight and will adjust the pickup time accordingly.

St Andrews Pickups

Where are the pickup points in St Andrews?

For the £30 per person Shuttle the pick-up point will be at your accommodation or your halls of residence or pre-arranged address in the town of St Andrews. We can organise pick up and drop off outside St Andrews, but there will be an additional cost.

For Private transfers, the pickup point will be the address you provide.


Why is the price more than £30 per person?

The price is FROM £30 per person, and is available when we have a high volume of people travelling at the same time. The business was initially set up to offer St Andrews University students a cost-effective way to travel between St Andrews and Edinburgh airport at the start and end of terms, however everyone is welcome to use the service. Out with term times we offer a competitively priced service starting at £120.00, compared with the full metered taxi rate and the airport taxis which can cost £156 GBP.

How much is a private taxi?

Prices start FROM £120.00 per car depending on the number of passengers what luggage there is and the pickup/drop off locations

Is a tip included in the price?

Tips are NOT included in the price, tipping is at your discretion, as a guide we would suggest 10%.

How do I pay?

For £30.00 Shuttles - Pay card/cash to the driver on the day or use the link provided once you have confirmed the booking. 

For Private Taxis - Pay card/cash to the driver on the day or use the link provided once the transfer has been confirmed.

Pick Up Time

Can I choose my preferred pickup time?

£30 Shuttle – you can choose the Shuttle departure time, we will provide a specific pickup time, which will be based on the route the Shuttle needs to take after we know the addresses of all those taking that Shuttle.

Private Taxi – we will recommend a pickup time to safely get you to the airport, and can of course request a different time to our recommendation.

Why is my pick-up time different from the Shuttle departure time?

£30 Shuttle – we have customers at multiple locations around St Andrews and it’s not possible collect everyone at the same time, this means you may be collected around 30 minutes before the Shuttle departure time.


What is Non-Standard Luggage?

Items classed as Non-Standard Luggage will be, for example, Golf bags, Skis, Surfboard, Snowboards, (Ice) Hockey Kit bags, large musical instruments, buggys / pushchair / pram.

Why is there an extra charge for my golf bag?

There is an extra charge for ALL Non-Standard items as these take up more space and can restrict the number of passengers the vehicle can transport.

Why do you need to know what luggage I am bringing?

We need to provide a suitable vehicle that will accommodate all the luggage.

What happens if I bring more luggage than I had advised at the time of booking?

We will do our best to accommodate the extra luggage. However, if you have more luggage with you than we were expecting we may charge an addition cost dependent on the item,  provided we can get this into the vehicle. We reserve the right to refuse to take the extra luggage if we are unable to accommodate this in our vehicles, this means you may be refused to travel with us (as per our Terms and Conditions).