Donate a Tree

Our Green Plans

Here at St Andrews Shuttle we are becoming more aware of the need to help the environment, and to lower our carbon footprint, and as we run diesel powered 8 seater minibus vehicles (and now one EV!!) its important to us to try and give back to the environment in any way we can.

So what are our plans?

Simple, we have signed up with Trees for Life, who in their own words "are an ambitious Scottish conservation charity with a big mission. For over 25 years we have sought to bring innovation to conservation, and we continue to strive for new and ground-breaking ways to rewild the Scottish Highlands". 

We will be donating a minimum of 10 trees per month, and encourage our customers to donate if and when they can.

If you would like to visit our page on their website and donate, please click HERE.

Each tree costs £6.00, so about the cost of a couple of coffees, and better for you :)