Dependable Taxi Services in St Andrews

Taxi rides fetch a higher price, but they are worth it if you value your privacy and comfort. Moreover, taxi rides are dependent on your preference; you can leave anytime you want from any location. 

If these appeal to you, book a Private Taxi with St Andrews Shuttle. 

We are connected with several taxi drivers from the area. They are seasoned, local drivers who know the city like the back of their hands; they can get you past heavy traffic or rainy weather with zero issues.

Relax While You Travel

St Andrews Shuttle ensures your safe and comfortable travel from Edinburgh Airport and anywhere in St Andrews. You can sit back, relax (even take a nap, if you like) and enjoy the scenery as you journey past Forth Bridge and the quaint fishing villages along the East Neuk coastline.

The trip will be an estimated one hour and 15 minutes, so you’ll have time to regroup after your flight. As this will be a private shuttle service, you’ll also have plenty of legroom and space for all your luggage.

With St Andrews Shuttle, you’ll enjoy these perks and more:

  • Book a taxi anytime through our online reservation form.
  • Have all your bags and luggage accounted for.
  • Leave the airport as soon as you’re ready to depart.
  • Take your fill of the gorgeous scenery as there’s no competition for the window seat.
  • No stopovers.
  • Leave the airport and arrive right at the doorstep of your hotel or Airbnb.
  • Be in touch with your designated taxi driver.

Get Great Value for Your Money

A one-way taxi ride from Edinburgh Airport to St Andrews can cost you ₤155 or more. If you’re going to pay as much, you might as well choose a taxi service that can give you something extra.

  • Flexible arrangements - St Andrews Shuttle is open to your special requests. If you need an airport transfer or pickup from your accommodations beyond our scheduled trips, we can offer you a Private Taxi.
  • Synchronized schedules - We ask for your flight details when you book your trip because our customer service team monitors your flight schedule. If anything changes at the last minute, we will make the necessary changes to your taxi service, as well. This ensures your taxi is ready when you arrive, and you can catch your flight when it’s time to leave Edinburgh.

If you want to use our Private Taxi service, we advise that you book your trip ahead of time. Fill out our online booking form as early as possible. We will send you an email notification confirming the availability of your preferred trip within 24 to 48 hours. You can also expect a second notification confirming your pickup schedule at 7:00 on the evening before your travel date at the latest.

Click on Contact Us if you have more questions about our private taxi service in St Andrews.