Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How long is the journey to Edinburgh Airport?

A – It is a 55 miles (88km) journey, and takes approximately 1hr 15mins, dependant on traffic and weather.

Q – I haven't received my email confirmation?

A – Please check your SPAM filter.

Q - Can I arrange my preferred pickup time?

A – You can chose from the dates and times offered at the time of booking, or you can request a Private Taxi.

Q – I don't want to share my transfer.

A – We can offer you transport to and from Edinburgh airport at the discounted price FROM £80.00 per car upto FOUR people (full metered rate is £145), and FROM £95.00 for 5 to 8 people depending on luggage.

Q – Where are the pickup points in St Andrews?

A – Pick up will be from your accommodation or your halls of residence or pre-arranged address in St Andrews. We can organise pick up and drop off outside St Andrews, but the price may vary.

Q - Where do I get the shuttle back to St Andrews once I've arrived at the airport?

A - For Private Transfers, you will be met in the Arrivals Hall assigned to your flight.

     For Shared Shuttles, we will state the meeting point in the confirmation email you will be sent.

Q - After being picked up from the airport, where will I be dropped off in St Andrews?

A - We will drop you off at your accommodation, you halls of residence, or home address as agreed at the time of the booking.

Q – How do I pay?

A – For Private Transfers - You can use the PayPal link provided once the transfer has been confirmed. Or you can pay cash to the driver on the day.

      For £19 Shuttles - You can use the PayPal link provided once you have confirmed the booking. Or you can pay cash to the driver on the day.

Q – Why do you need our flight numbers and flight times?

A – We ask for your flight number and Flight Departure/Arrival time so we can ensure you get to the airport in plenty of time before your departure and to let us know when you have arrived at the airport when you are returning to St Andrews.

Q – Why do you need my mobile number?

A – This is so we can contact you in relation to your travel arrangements with us. Only the office and the driver completing your pickup will have access to this information, It will NOT be passed on to anyone else for any reason.

Q - What is NON-Standard Luggage?

A - Items classed as Non-Standard Luggage will be, for example, Golf carry bags, Skis, Surfboard, Snowboards, (Ice) Hockey Kit bags, large musical instruments.

Q-  Why is there an extra charge for my golf carry bag?

A - There is an extra charge for NON-Standard items as these take up valuable luggage, and sometimes seating space in the vehicles, meaning we need to run the vehicle with less passengers.

Q – Can I have your contact number?

A – Of course, but it is better to use the contact us page as we will always get your message, but here's our number 07902 488 770, feel free to add us to your contacts and pass it to others who could use the St Andrews Shuttle.

Q - How many people normally travel on the shared Shuttle?

A – It depends on the size of the vehicle, but anything between 1 and 8, and more if we are using a single deck coach.

Q - What would happen if my flight is late and we might miss the shuttle back to St Andrews?

A - If your flight is late, we will do our best to arrange for you to travel on the next available shuttle run, this would normally be within two hours. However there maybe be occasions where there is no Shuttle and a private taxi would be offered, prices starting from £80.00

Q - Why do you need to know what luggage I am bringing?

A - As you are likely to be travelling with other people we need to make sure we have enough space for everyone's luggage in the vehicle

Q - Does St Andrews Shuttle only offer a service to and from Edinburgh Airport?

A - St Andrews Shuttle offers a lot more than just transfers to and from Edinburgh Airport. We can offer transport to ANY UK airport, town or city, prices on request.

Q - What happens if I bring more luggage than I had advised at the time of booking?

A - We will do out best to accommodate the extra luggage. However, if you have more luggage with you than we were expecting we may charge £10 per extra item provided we can get this into the vehicle. We reserve the right to refuse to take the extra luggage if we are unable to accommodate this in our vehicles, this means you may be refused to travel with us (as per our Terms and Conditions).