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Whether you are travelling alone or as part of a group, we can help.

We have prices starting from 18.00 per person, see the timetable page for details.

Or complete the Booking Request and we let you know the price we can offer.

Private Taxis:

1-4 passengers from 70.00

5-8 passengers from 85.00

Shared Transfers.

We always try to offer Shared Transfers when possible.

We will try and match your travel arrangements with others traveling at similar times.

The cost is then divided between all passengers travelling together.

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We use local companies during our busy times which, in turn helps the local economy of St Andrews.

You can of course get to the airport by bus and/or train, but the times may not suit and the journeys are not direct, you would have to make a couple of connections to get to your final destination which can take upward of 2 hours. Not fun, especially with your luggage to get on and off the bus or train!

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