How Do I Book?

ALL our bookings are completed on line.

To begin, an account must be created, use the St Andrews address to register (NOT the home/business address) our system sends an instant email requesting the email address is verified - check the 'spam folder', verify the email address and commence the booking process.

NOTE - if the verification email is not received, it is likely the email address entered is incorrect, please try again.

Please complete the Booking Form as follows: -

NOTE - only select 'Private transfer' if you will confirm a private taxi, see price list for details.

Step 1 - Select the direction of travel before completing any other information on the form.


Step 2 - Enter the relevant flight number i.e. BA1452, EZY6914, FR818, TK1343, NO spaces between the letters & numbers, Do not use your booking reference. NO hash tags #

Aer Lingus - EI ... Brussels Airlines - SN ... Easy Jet - EZY ... Emirates - EK ... Ethihad - EY ... Finn Air - AY ... FlyBe - BE ... Jet Airways - 9W ... Quatar - QR ... Ryanair - FR ...Virgin - VS ...  


  •  if there is No Flight number, or flying the day before, or the day after - please use the Contact Us form


Step 3 - Click in the 'Date' box, the calendar will pop up.

              NOTE If flying from the USA remember to select the date you ARRIVE in Edinburgh (especially if your flight commences the day before)


             Step 5 - Click 'Book Now' 


Step 6 -  Review the flight information, then select the number of passengers, the box will then expand to allow you to provide details of the luggage that each passenger will bring, click continue once completed. If there are more than 4 passengers in the group, please select 4 passengers and in the luggage information box state the actual number of passengers along with the luggage details for the group. i.e. 7 hold cases 7 hand luggage.

              NOTES - when providing luggage information

  • only select the number of hold items each passenger will bring, do NOT include hand luggage
  • only check 'non-standard' if you have golf clubs, a bicycle, a surf board, large musical instrument, unusual luggage, etc
  • in the text box please provide details of the luggage and tell us the size of the luggage, is it small, medium or large? 
  • in this example passenger 1 has 2 items of hold luggage, one of these items is a golf bag,  
  • if any passenger is travelling with hand lugagge only select '0' luggage and enter 'hand lugagge only' in the text box       


Step 7 - Select the Shuttle departure time required and click continue


  • our system calculates the recommended Shuttle departure times relevant to the flight time entered at the start of the booking process
  • the average travelling time between St Andrews and Edinburgh airport is 1 hour 15 minutes
  • if travelling from St Andrews to Edinburgh and the Shuttle times displayed seem to early, either there are no available seats or the flight departure time entered is incorrect
  • if travelling from Edinburgh to St Andrews and the Shuttle times displayed seem to late, either there are no available seats or the flight arrival time entered is incorrect
  • only select 'Private transfer' if you will confirm a private taxi, minimum price will be £80.00 (maximum 4 passengers) or £95 (5-8 passengers), price depends on pick up and drop off location and luggage.


Step 8 - Check the details of booking, the name, address and phone number can be edited specifically for this booking. Click 'finish' to proceed to the next step.


  • enter the postcode with no spaces, if you do not know the postcode use KY169AG
  • enter phone numbers with no spaces
  • enter UK mobile numbers as follows 07902488770
  • enter non-UK mobile/cell numbers with international dialling code for your country, i.e USA 001; Germany 0049, Norway 0047


Step 9 - The booking is at a provisional stage and still to be be confirmed, 'check' the 'I agree with the terms & conditions of booking' and click the 'Confirm Shuttle Booking' button.


in this example the price is shown includes the additional £10 for the golf clubs, plus 2 passengers at £19 per person

Step 10 - The booking is now confirmed. 

  • to pay in advance is available - click 'Pay via PayPal' - there is a £1 booking fee per person added to the total, these are PayPal charges.
  • cash to the driver on the day is acceptable (no booking fee applicable)

Step 11To pay in advance by PayPal log into your PayPal account, to pay with credit or debit card click on the link.

Step 12 - To cancel the booking - click 'Update Booking Details' - click 'Cancel Booking'

Step 12a - Click 'Yes' to complete the cancellation

Step 12b - The cancellation has been confirmed.