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St Andrews Shuttle COVID-19 Measures

As of 9 August 2021, Scotland’s protection levels were replaced by baseline measures

We need to consider the guidance in relation to our business and, where necessary, make plans for how to implement them, so in summary this includes:


•    legal requirement to reduce the number of passengers travelling in one vehicle to allow for social distancing

This means that we have to restrict the number of passengers in our vehicle, and we have been doing this since March 2020. It means that in our 8 seater vehicles we can only accommodate 5 passengers, allowing the middle seat to be kept empty for distancing.

•    legal requirement to wear face coverings in our vehicles (subject to exemptions).

Face covering must be worn, even for those fully vaccinated. This helps to lower the risk of infection and transmission for all.
If someone has a medical condition that stops them from wearing a mask, we may suggest taking a Private Transfer for their own safety against transmission

•    legal requirement for businesses to continue to collect contact details from customers for Track & Trace

We have always kept a record of every passenger that books and travels with us, and we will continue to do this and the information will be made available to the Scottish Government NHS Track & Trace Service, only when requested (in accordance with Data Protection rules).

•    Passengers should perform hand hygiene before entering the vehicle and again on leaving the vehicle

If you do not have your own hand sanatiser, ask the driver for some. Passengers in the vehicle should minimise any surfaces touched, for example door handles, windows, seatbelts, you or others touch.

•    Passengers should avoid eating in the vehicle

This is to avoid you removing your mask, in case another passenger is allergic to ingredients, and to save the driver being exposed to further risk when cleaning the vehicle

•    The driver will keep the volume of any music/radio to a minimum

This is to prevent the need to raise voices in the car.

•    Ventilation & Cleaning

We will continue to ensure that a window is left open for additional ventilation in addition to our enhanced cleaning regime which will remain in place to keep you and others around you safe.

Be considerate to your driver by taking all your belongings and rubbish when leaving the vehicle.




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