Additional Information


We politely ask you to inform us immediately if any of your group are on different flights – failure to do so may incur additional costs to you for the drivers waiting time - £15 per hour or part there of.

In our experience the approximate time you need to disembark the plane, clear passport control, collect luggage and get to the meeting point is 30 minutes for a domestic flight and, 60 minutes for an International flight.

If you believe you will NOT make the meeting point in the allocated time please contact the drivers number (provided the evening before you travel) so the driver can delay entering the car park until you are ready to leave.

There are circumstances where delays occur and additional parking costs can be incurred – being held at passport control, customs or when baggage is lost

In regards to the parking costs – AFTER your flight actually lands the driver will enter the car park 25 minutes for domestic flight, 55 minutes for International flights

The driver will pay the initial parking cost of £4.00, this gives the driver 25 minutes to enter the car park, meet you, get back to the vehicle and exit the car park.

If the total time in the car park (from entering to exiting) exceeds 25 minutes, there is an additional £5.00 GBP. If the total time exceeds 55 minutes, there is an additional £8.50 GBP.